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Note: Yelp’s computer algorithm has caused more than (40) 5-star reviews to drop into their filter, treating them as not genuine, but these are real customers and we have history on every single one. You can get to these reviews when you scroll down on the Yelp page. My customers are passionate about Metro Dogs because I am on site every day, send photos of their boarding dogs, personally stay for late pickups, and deliver unparalleled service. I do this because I love my dog more than anything on earth, so I know how you feel.  ~Amy Rosenthal, Metro Dogs owner


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I struggled to find a doggy daycare on my way to work but this is just about as easy as it gets. I live in the west suburbs and take highway 55 all the way to Lyndale  – then it’s just two turns and you’re there (right across the street from Fire Station #4)! From Metro Dogs you can easily hop right onto 94 E or W or head straight into downtown via Washington. Metro Dogs’ location on the edge of town is convenient to any part of Minneapolis.

Sarah Keene




Feb 12, 2012

I was invited to take a tour of Metro Dogs today.  Metro is a dog boarding and daycare facility in the Minneapolis North Loop.  While tucked away a bit on 11th Avenue North, the facility is so close to downtown it makes it ideal for the downtown workforce as well as residents of the North.

The first thing I was struck by when we entered the daycare area was how CLEAN it was.  Amy Rosenthal, MD owner told me one of the reasons was she researched flooring extensively and tested several kinds before making a selection for the facility.  You can tell thought and care went into it, along with a whole lot of regular cleaning.  It is gleaming!  It was a busy day at MD today, 28 dogs were there for daycare, 25 of them preregistered.

Metro has only been open for 3 months (since Halloween) but they are off to a great start.  The play area is ample and has high fences so the dogs cannot escape, even the most ardent jumpers.  The area is always staffed with MD employees and if it sounds like there is anything unusual going on, Amy herself drops what she is doing to see what is happening.  The boarding area was equally impressive.  Beautiful new kennels of various sizes with bedding specific to each resident.  The facility has a series of air ducts to keep the air flow moving and the building smelling fresh.  There is a long indoor run to play fetch and a nice gravel potty area in the back.  Disinfectant hoses hang for easy reach to wash down the play and kennel areas.  Amy uses primarily green, biodegradable cleaning products as much as she can.

What struck me the most was the warm welcome you get at the front door of Metro Dogs, and the overall friendliness of the staff.  They know each of the dogs personally and will give the owners a full report of the day’s activities when they come to pick up their pups.  The front desk is lined with treats, and everybody gets one on the way out the door (with the owner’s permission of course). Wanna check up on your pup during the day?  Yes they have a web cam so you can see what they are up to any time during the day.  What fun!

All I can say is WOW.  I was impressed.  I felt as if my dogs would be treated like a member of the family during their stay at Metro Dogs.  Each dog gets a behavior assessment when they arrive from one of the resident trainers, and Metro Dogs is planning to offer on-site grooming soon.  What more could you ask for?  Amy’s dedication to her concept and to her dogs is evident.  Hats off to the new doggie day care in town!  Expect to hear more when Stella and Haley go there to play!

–Cynthia M. Williams, Sr. Paralegal | Law Department | ¤Target | GLBT Development Advisory Board Committee