At Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding your dog’s safety is our top priority.

Here’s what we do, or need you to do, to keep the dogs safe:

  1. Temperament evaluation: All daycare and boarding dogs are evaluated to make sure that Metro Dogs will be a good environment for them.
  2. Vaccinations: current DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Parvovirus), Rabies and Bordetella. After a first Bordetella, or after it has expired, there is a one-week waiting period to come in.
  3. Negative fecal exam: first-time visitors need to show a fecal that’s negative for worms and parasites; how recent this needs to be depends on your dog’s activities (for instance, frequent dog-park visits vs. rarely playing outside)…generally 1 to 3 months. Once you start coming to Metro Dogs then an annual test is acceptable.
  4. Flea and tick preventatives: must be applied seasonally, April to November
  5. Newly adopted dogs: there’s a 2-week waiting period after a dog has been adopted to ensure the health and well being of all dogs in the daycare and boarding facilities.
  6. Authorization: every client signs an agreement that includes authorization to treat your dog at one of our affiliated veterinary clinics in the event of an emergency.
  7. Spay/neuter: all dogs must be spayed or neutered at 6 months or within the sixth month (by 7 months of age)
  8. Special diets: we can accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. However, we don’t accept raw food due to concern about bacteria where we store and prepare food for all of the dogs. We’ve found that most customers who use raw can substitute a freeze dried alternative and their dog will do well with that.

In addition, at Metro Dogs…

  1. We have a professional trainer on staff who oversees playgroup assignments of dogs as they come in.  Dogs are separated into play groups based on play style, personality, and size.
  2. Staff members are with the dogs inside the play groups and when going out to the potty yard.
  3. We clean play spaces, kennels and the potty yard with an enzymatic solution as well as disinfectant.
  4. Mandatory nap time, from noon to 2:00, ensures that the energy of the room stabilizes while the dogs calm down and rest after playing.

We are happy to provide tours if you let us know ahead of time when you plan to visit. Tours will not be given during nap time.