Furry Friends!

Did you know that dogs form friendship bonds just like humans do? It’s so much fun to watch them bond with each other and get all wiggly and happy during their playroom greetings. Or sometimes they just chill on the Big Green Thing and watch the daycare teacher walk around. Chances are strongest that these bonds will form if you bring your dog routinely on the same day(s) each week. Then it’s like school kids meeting up on the playground. They look forward to seeing their buddies and spending the day hanging out together!

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We Celebrate Dogs!

We love your dogs…all shapes, sizes, breeds, ages, and personalities! We’ll celebrate your dogs’ birthdays, post fun and entertaining pictures on Facebook, and do happy dances with you in the lobby! Come join the fun at Metro Dogs! ~Amy

NMD Charles Bauer bdays

Cuddles for Rookies

First-timers, big or small, might be a little nervous. So we make sure to give them some extra personal attention and one-on-one time. In this photo Baby gets some cuddles before “last outs” for the night. We have lots of suggestions for minimizing stress during your dog’s stay with us. You’ll find tips for easing anxiety, or give us a call.

Baby gets a hug3


We take great care with new dogs and very young puppies. Adult newcomers that are frightened or timid will spend time with us up front in our gated lobby area or in the Quiet Room until they feel reassured and are ready to meet some new playmates. Very young puppies with immature immune systems will spend time with us up front and be gradually introduced to new pals. To keep them healthy we closely watch over young puppies while their immune systems are developing and gradually increase their playroom time until they’re a few weeks’ more mature and ready to romp with their new friends.  We’re all in this together for the wellbeing of your dog!  Please call me if you have any questions. Cheers and Woofs!   ~Amy

Romeo and puppies


Thank You, Customers!

For your patience during these past 2 weeks when we had to modify our daycare headcounts due to the dogs staying with us for Spring break. We run very tight dog-human ratios for safety, and we can only admit so many dogs to play. There are a few times of year (such as Thanksgiving week and Christmas-New Year’s) when we know in advance what the boarding headcounts will be and we can alert all of our daycare customers well ahead of time. But Spring break was not as predictable. It’s not a national holiday and not everyone had the same vacation weeks off. So thank you for your understanding and cooperation!  ~Amy